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QI Report of Project: Audio-Visual Presentation

QI Report of Project: Audio-Visual Presentation


In this forum, your initial post will be made as a group (using the same group you self-selected and self-enrolled to earlier in the course). This means there should be one initial post/group. This discussion is an opportunity to share your final QI Report project as a whole and receive peer feedback.


This is a group assignment. You will develop a professional audio-visual presentation approximately 10-12 slides in length. The presentation should have bullets summarizing the sections of your QI Report of Project. Prepare the presentation as if you were presenting it at your agency and/or a professional conference. 

You should include the following:

  • Submit audio-visual presentation, including the following slides:
    • Title (1 slide)
    • Background of Problem (2 slides)
    • Analysis of Problem (3-4 slides)
    • Action Plan (3-4 slides)
    • List of References (1)

The presentation should be professional in nature; minimize or eliminate “filler” words (e.g., “uh,” “like,” “you know”), slang, and disorganized thoughts. Be sure you speak clearly and at an appropriate pace. Slide should contain plenty of white space and be readable to the audience. 

Please clearly indicate using printed text (i.e., not audio) all group members’ names involved in this assignment.

title:  Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU)

background of the problem(2 slides):  Over the years, hospital acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU) have been a major concern in hospitalized patients.“More than 2.5 million patients in the United States suffer from pressure ulcers in acute care facilities annually; sixty thousand of those patients die related to the complications of pressure ulcers” (Paul, Hanson, Hasenau & Dunn, 2013, p. 32).HAPU’s are more prevalent amongst patients with restricted/impaired mobility.Because patients are often very ill once admitted to an acute care setting, skin assessments and prevention measures are often delayed after admission.It is stated that “pressure ulcers contribute to extended length of hospital stay, infections, amputations, increased need for specialty consults, increased nursing time, and to the potential for hospital readmission”

Analysis of Problem (3-4 slides):  According to the case study, HAPU rates on Unit B have risen significantly over the past 6 months.There is one Wound and Skin Care Nurse (WSCN), servicing the entire facility Monday-Friday from 8a-5p.The WSCN visits patients based on a computer generated list of patients at risk for skin breakdown.A problem arises when patients that need to be seen do not populate onto the daily list.The WSCN provides all the treatments due to the fact that direct care nurses state that they are not familiar with how to care for the patient with skin breakdown unless the WSCN provides specific directions.Missed OpportunitiesFloor nurses don’t know the best available evidence for prevention of skin breakdown.Patients are only assessed once during the midnight shift.In order for patients to be seen by the WSCN they must appear on a computer-generated list.

Action Plan (3-4 slides):  Frequent position changes (at least every two hours)Avoid friction and shear when repositioning.

When repositioning, use proper technique.

Implement pressure relieving mattresses or surfaces.

Avoid turning patient on an area that is already reddened related to pressure.

For pressure ulcer prevention, do not rub or massage area.

Emollients can be used to hydrate the skin.

Barrier creams to protect skin from increased moisture.

Frequent skin assessments per protocol.

Nutritional risk assessments with interventions.

Additional protein supplements in additional to their regular diet 

List of references: based on bibliography

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