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Reply 1 and 2 by 12/3/2021

Reply 1 and 2 by 12/3/2021

Reply 1


The President and the Governor

The president and the governor in the United States have various roles and responsibilities that are similar and those that contrast. The similarities include the fact that the two of them participate in legislation with the primary role of proposing and even signing budgets and appointing officers in the executive branch. The significant difference between the role of the governor and the president is that while the governor has the capability to the line-item veto, the president can only accept the bill as it is from the legislature. The line-item veto gives the governor the power to reduce appropriations by the legislature in budgets (De Benedictis-Kessner & Warshaw, 2020). The other difference is while the governor proposes the state budget in early January to start operating in July, the president proposes the federal budget in February to start operating in October.

Advocacy in Public Health

Various advocacy policies in nursing have helped the patients a lot. One example of nursing advocacy that benefits patients is the nurses coming in to talk to their patients’ families for extra medical attention at home when the patient reports not getting the same. Another example is the nurse talking with the facility to let the patient receive the nursing care but paying slowly when the patient is not in a place to pay (Weible & Ingold, 2018). Nurses can also talk with the facility to have cheaper rates, especially in a population where the majority is poor.

IOM Reports

I would utilize the IOM reports by redesigning healthcare in the country and ensuring I collect data effectively to aid me in my practice (Kovner et al., 2018). Also, I can apply my training and education in my practice effectively for the best patient outcomes and acquire further education in my practice.


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Weible, C. M., & Ingold, K. (2018). Why advocacy coalitions matter and practical insights about them. Policy & Politics46(2), 325-343.

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Reply 2


The issue that is affecting nursing practice across the scope is that of personal health. With the current pandemic and the growing demand for healthcare services, the nurses have been working twice as hard. Nursing can be a stressful environment that makes it essential to consider the health of the healthcare workforce as they take care of others. Mental exhaustion results from working hard and taking long shifts to care for the patients. The patients are those who had the virus and those with other conditions. The job is also physically demanding, which affects the health of the nurses. The discussion seeks to discuss the issue of nurse personal health and how it arises.

            The search strategy that I used was to identify the various components of the research problem. In this case, it was identifying the personal health aspects that affect nurses. Some of the used keywords are mental exhaustion, long working hours, and rest, among others. The strategy helped get literature that showed the need to care for the nurses as they offer care to the public. The other important search strategy was to ensure that the chosen sources were up-to-date and therefore current within the last five years.

            Shah et al. (2021) look at the issue of nurse burnout and other associated factors affecting their health. The researchers conducted a cross-sectional survey to determine the factors leading to fatigue and burnout among the nurses. One of the factors identified is the increasing demand for care by the frontline nurses during the pandemic. The situation compounded on the nursing shortage issue that was pre-existing. It worsened the situation as nurses worked long hours and had to work under a risky environment, which caused mental exhaustion due to fear and anxiety. Burnout also got recognized as a significant risk to health as it affects the quality and safety of health.

            Poku et al. (2020) identified the emotional exhaustion aspect of nurse health. One of the identified causes of emotional exhaustion is the unhealthy working environment. The organizations that do not support the nurses increase the stress on the nurses who suffer the consequences. Coping with emotional exhaustion came out as a factor that affected the health of the nurses and consequently the ability to provide quality care. In another study, Sagherian et al. (2020) explored insomnia, inter-shift recovery, fatigue, and post-traumatic distress. COVID-19 was a significant causative factor that the researchers addressed. It affected the nurses as it was non-anticipated, and the nurses were unprepared. The impact was, therefore, significant to the personal health of the nurses. The long working hours without breaks also affected the nurses, and there is a need to address their health issues to improve their capacity to work.

            One of the proposed interventions to address personal nurse health is developing a long-term prevention strategy. There is a need to shift from crisis intervention to creating a model of care that ensures continuous prevention of issues such as mental health disorders, burnout, stress, and emotional exhaustion. One of the prevention strategies is to promote and teach mindfulness which enhances resilience among the nurses. Using other strategies such as cognitive behavioral skills helps nurses become aware of the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors (Winstanley et al., 2020). The nurses can get empowered to promote their well-being.


Poku, C., Donkor, E., & Naab, F. (2020). Determinants of emotional exhaustion among nursing workforce in urban Ghana: a cross-sectional study. BMC Nursing19(1).

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Winstanley, K., Tracey, N., Mancey-Johnson, A., & Gournay, K. (2020). Rising to the challenges of COVID-19: the front line of care and support for people with long-term mental health problems and the response of Northern Healthcare. British Journal Of Mental Health Nursing9(3), 1-7.

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