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 Homework #3 MCIS 5103: Advanced Programming Concepts Instructor: Dr. Justin L. Rice Due Date: 3/1/2023  Please refer to the code in the Appendix (pages 3 – 4) to answer the following questions.  1. Write the output for each section of print statements. (10 points) 2. Which Rectangle constructor does instance box1 call? Why? What concept does this demonstrate? Explain [in  four sentences or less].(10 points) 3. Which Rectangle constructor does instance box2 call? Why? What concept does this demonstrate? Explain [in  four sentences or less]. (10 points) 4. Which Rectangle constructor does instance box3 call? Why? What concept does this demonstrate? Explain [in  four sentences or less]. (10 points) 5. What is the connection between box2 and box4? What happens (memory wise) when both box2 and box 4 are  declared null? Explain [in three sentences or less]. (20 points) 6. In the Main class, there are two variables named z. What is the difference between the two variables? What  concept does the output of the last three print statements demonstrate? Explain [in four sentences or less]. (20 points) 7. In the Rectangle class, explain the implementation of the Rectangle(int l, int w) constructor. Explain [in four  sentences or less]. (10 points) 8. In the Rectangle class, explain the implementation of the Rectangle(Rectangle other) constructor. Explain [in  four sentences or less]. (10 points) APPENDIX public class RectangleVolume { public int length; public int width;  public int height;  public RectangleVolume(int l, int w, int h) {  length = l;  width = w;  height = h;  }  public RectangleVolume(int l, int w) {  this(l, w, 5);   }  public RectangleVolume(RectangleVolume other) {  this(other.length, other.width, other.height);   }  public int calcVolume(){  return length * width * height;   } } class Main {    static int z;  public static void main(String[] args)  {    RectangleVolume box3 = new RectangleVolume(3,4,5);  RectangleVolume box1 = new RectangleVolume(box3);  RectangleVolume box2 = new RectangleVolume(3,4);  RectangleVolume box4 = box2;    box1 = null;  System.out.println(“n”);    System.out.println(“box(l,w,h) = (” + box3.length + “,” + box3.width + “,” + box3.height + “)”);  System.out.println(“box(l,w,h) = (” + box4.length + “,” + box4.width + “,” + box4.height + “)”);  System.out.println(“box(l,w,h) = (” + box2.length + “,” + box2.width + “,” + box2.height + “)”);    box2 = null;    System.out.println(“n”);    z = 34;  System.out.println(“z = ” + z);  int z;  z = box3.calcVolume();  System.out.println(“z = ” + z);  System.out.println(“z = ” + Main.z);  } } 

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