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Headphones are a staple in every music lover’s arsenal. From buds to cans, on-ear to in-ear, closed back to custom-fit, there’s a headset for everyone.

While there’s no single person or company who “invented” headphones, a few key players brought them from military bases and switchboards into the home and out onto the street. 

They were invented by Nathaniel Baldwin

The story of when headphones were invented is interesting and has a lot to do with the way that people listen to music today. It was in 1979 that the Sony Walkman debuted and it instantly became a popular item for those who wanted to listen to music on the go.

In the 1890s, a company in Britain invented an electrophone system that allowed customers to listen to live performances from theaters and opera houses around London. This technology was revolutionary, as it offered a way for people to listen to music without having to buy a CD or other expensive media player.

Unlike the headphones we use today, which are shaped like something a 747 pilot would wear, these first headphones had almost no form at all. Instead of having a headband, the headset was strapped to the user’s shoulder.

After years of experimenting, Baldwin eventually developed what he believed to be the perfect headset. It was clunky, but it worked well and was comfortable enough for long-term use.

He tried to sell his headset to various companies, but it was rejected. In the end, he was able to find a buyer in the United States Navy.

Today, the old Baldwin Radio Factory still stands in East Millcreek and jazz saxophonist Kevin Flynn purchased it and has continually renovated the building. It is now a place where music can be heard and artists can work.

They were invented by John Koss

In 1958 John Koss and a friend invented the first stereo headphones, providing people with a new, individualized way to listen to music. His company, Koss Corporation, grew from a Milwaukee-based mom-and-pop operation to a global, publicly traded company.

The invention of stereo headphones was a significant innovation because it gave people an entirely new, high-quality way to listen to music. It was also a breakthrough in the audio industry, and it became popular for recording studios and radio stations. 

Although it took years to become a major player in the headphone business, Koss was able to build up his brand name by selling top-of-the-line equipment through audio and electronics retailers, as well as in mass-market outlets. He also developed headphones that could be collapsible, so they would be easier to carry around.

He made them with a focus on quality, an exciting listening experience and outstanding customer service. He was a great marketer, and his headphones dominated the industry for decades.

The company continued to develop and expand its line of high-quality headphones. It also introduced a number of new technologies, such as electrostatic headphones that were lighter and crisper-sounding than conventional models. Its headphones were also known for their innovative features, including noise suppression. The company sold its headphones through a network of retail stores in the United States and Canada, as well as through Sears and other outlets worldwide.

They were invented by Sony

Headphones were invented by Sony in 1979 with their portable cassette player called the Walkman. This invention revolutionized the way people listened to music and changed the audio world forever.

These headphones were small enough and light enough that they could be carried around in a backpack or a bag without making them bulky and heavy. This allowed people to listen to their favorite music at any time they wanted and they were also affordable, unlike a lot of other audio devices.

Another big advancement in the history of headphones was bone conduction, which is when sound is transmitted through the bones of the skull instead of through the eardrums. This innovation was first used by the military and it quickly became popular for both athletes and everyday consumers.

In the 1980s, earbuds and in-ear headphones were invented that had a much smaller and more lightweight design than the original headphone and they were also very portable and easy to use. This gave people the chance to finally replace those clunky old headphones with something more modern and stylish.

The popularity of these headphones made them a must-have accessory for most people and their sound quality was amazing. These headphones changed the way people listened to music forever and they are still popular today. 

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