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  business plan   

business plan (20 pages in length) as your capstone project.

The goal is for you to develop a professional document, take a stake in your company as either a business owner or manager, and develop a business plan with the aim of opening a new company or securing financing to expand one’s business for an established firm.

Table of Contents

1.0 Abstract   2

2.0 Company Description/History/Background   

3.0 Mission Statement    

4.0 Goals and Objectives   

5.0 Stakeholder Analysis  

6.0 Industry Analysis    

7.0 Competitor Analysis 

8.0 Marketing Strategy  

9.0 Organizational Success Strategies 

10.0 Financials Plan     

11.0 Final Remarks 

12.0 Appendix  

13.0 References 

Annotated Business Plan Outline

The following version of the Business Plan is annotated, to give you some direction on what to include in each section of the Business Plan. 

Capstone…Notes on the Business Plan Outline

The content of the business plan submission is as follows – the format of the business plan is APA style:

1. Abstract

2. Company Background

a. Company Name

b. Type of business—retail, manufacturing, service

c. Proposed ownership/legal structure

d. Unique product or service you will offer

3. Mission Statement

a. Include a statement directed to your customers. The Cleveland Clinic provides better care of the sick, investigation into complex problems, and further education to our employees who serve.  

4. Goals and Objectives

a. Include between 5 and 8 strategic goals

b. Must be measurable

c. Include a Table or Chart 

5. Stakeholder Analysis

a. Actual personal experience, education and training in the area/ industry of proposed business for all key stakeholders

6. Industry Analysis

a. A brief overview and long-term outlook for growth

b. Review industry size, trends, and target market segment.

c. Identify who leads the industry in terms of:

i. Price

ii. Quality

iii. Market share

7. Competitive Analysis

a. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each primary competitor.

b. Consider sales, quality, distribution, price, production capabilities, reputation, and products/services.

c. Outline how your product or service measures in the area of pricing and identify your competitive advantage.

d. Prepare a first-year and a 3-year sales forecast in dollars and units.

e. Briefly outline your sales and advertising plans.

8. Marketing Strategy

i. The marketing strategy should address how you will differentiate your company from competitors. 

ii. Frame your marketing plan to show potential investors what factors will make your product or service more desirable than those offered by the competition. 

iii. You should present information to show your plan is well-researched and includes reasonable assumptions. 

iv. In addition, the work should illustrate that the proposed company is not entering a declining industry or market segment. 

v. Tables and figures must be introduced in the narrative.

vi. The marketing plan should include:

1. Analysis of the business opportunity 

2. Target market inclusive of potential customers and their location

3. Location of your business

4. Economic, demographic, and geographic factors which may influence the success of the proposed venture

9. Organizational Success Strategies

a. Present a 1-2 page summary of the vision of the company’s success. 

b. Show what strategies will be adopted to ensure the overall success.

10. Financials Plan

a. Present an in-depth narrative to demonstrate the viability of your business to justify the need for funding. 

b. In this section describe financial estimates and rationale which include financial statements and forms that document the viability of your proposed business and its soundness as an investment. 

c. Tables and figures must be introduced in the narrative.

i. Describe the form of business (sole-proprietor, LLC, or Corporation).

ii. Prepare three-year projections for income, expenses, and sources of funds.

iii. Base predictions on industry and historical trends.

iv. Make realistic assumptions.

v. Allow for funding changes at different stages of your company’s growth.

vi. Present a written rationale for your projections.

vii. Indicate your startup costs.

viii. Detail how startup funds will be used to advance your proposed business

ix. List current capital and any other sources of funding you may have

x. Document your calculations.

xi. Use reasonable estimates or actual data (where possible). 

xii. Create a cash-flow statement

11. Final Remarks

12. Appendix

13. References

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