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Health Promo Replies

Health Promo Replies

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1. Yoandre 

The health personnel is based on carrying out tests to diagnose diseases that may not be known to the individual who could suffer from them in the future, establish a diagnosis, evaluate the prognosis and control a certain medical treatment according to the affectation that it could have on the client. At present there is an increase in making decisions from the medical point of view on the basis of simple tests. These screening tests are terms that these days are considered very routine in our visits to the doctor. The success of performing them is a guarantee that a large percentage will have a cure and a sure success. Even despite all the benefits, they have disadvantages such as side effects that have to do with certain tests such as laboratory tests that could leave sequelae at the puncture site such as bruises and skin trauma. But also another of the limitations is that by allowing you to know in advance what you are going to suffer in a few years, you will have a greater period of morbidity due to the advance of the diagnosis or you can have sequelae such as overtreatment and that from the psychological sphere your psyche will be affected if could suffer from some chronic pathology with repercussions on their image (Del Castillo, 2020).

      The detection tests within their advantages are sensitive, specific, comfortable, inexpensive and easy to interpret with them the mortality rate of these diseases is lowered, the possibility of effective treatments is increased, the complications are less and less and the cuts care of the health system. Some of the limitations are false positives or false negatives, which will depend on the emotional, physical and economic burden, losing the opportunity to treat patients in the initial stages with the risk of it spreading and having a higher cost to health. It is relevant to take into account that rapid detection is an essential tool for the integrity of life of patients (Ocasio, 2021).

    An example of detection tests are laboratory tests such as are used to monitor chronic diseases, genetic disorders, are used to monitor health protocols, offer the possibility of providing an early diagnosis, allow to verify the functioning of the organs, knowing the state of health and allows differentiating and defining a diagnosis. They are also very reliable, although you must keep in mind the place where the sample was taken, the medical history and the purpose of each test. These blood tests are procedures that do not require much preparation on the part of the client and the result is a couple of minutes and other more specialized ones will require more time in hours, they offer the possibility of diagnosing in a timely manner some pathologies such as anemia, cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, coronary diseases, HIV and others. We still have to improve the use of these tests and thus detect on time a number of conditions that in many cases already show symptoms when the disease is well advanced (Canet, 2022).


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2. David

Screening is a critical aspect of preventive healthcare that aims to identify individuals who may have a specific condition or disease in its early stages when it is most treatable. The goal of screening is to improve health outcomes, reduce morbidity and mortality, and promote early diagnosis. However, screening is not without its advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to consider both before deciding whether or not to undergo screening.

Screening advantages

One of the main advantages of screening is improved health outcomes. A new research study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (Smith et al., 2021) found that early disease detection through screening can lead to improved health outcomes and reduce the need for more invasive and costly treatments. Furthermore, early diagnosis can help prevent the spread of disease to others and reduce the overall burden of disease in the population. Screening programs can also be cost-effective compared to the cost of treating advanced stages of disease (Winder et al., 2022). Early detection of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, allows for prompt treatment, which can prevent further progression and reduce the risk of complications. For example, regular screenings for breast cancer can lead to the early detection of lumps or changes in the breast, increasing the chances of successful treatment. Additionally, routine tests can aid in identifying risk factors for specific disorders, empowering people to adjust their lifestyles to avoid or delay the beginning of the condition. 

Screening disadvantages

One of the main disadvantages of screening is the potential for overdiagnosis. Overdiagnosis occurs when an individual is diagnosed with the condition that would never have caused harm in their lifetime (Smith et al., 2021). This can result in unnecessary medical interventions, such as surgeries and treatments, which can cause long-term health complications and emotional distress. In addition, screening tests can result in false positive results, leading to anxiety and further testing, and false negative effects, giving individuals a false sense of security (Winder et al., 2022). Another disadvantage of screening is the potential for harm associated with the screening test itself. Some screening tests, such as radiation exposure during imaging tests, can pose a risk to the individual being screened. Furthermore, the cost of screening tests and the resources required to conduct them can limit their availability, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (Smith et al., 2021).

concluding there are benefits and drawbacks to screening that must be taken into account before determining whether or not to submit to it. Although early disease detection and better health outcomes may result from it, there is also a risk of overdiagnosis and injury from the screening test itself. It is essential for healthcare providers to use evidence-based guidelines to determine which individuals are appropriate candidates for screening and to weigh the potential benefits and risks of screening for each individual.


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