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Hire From Within Or Outside

Hire From Within Or Outside

  • Prepare a 3-4-page plan that states your recommended course of action and analysis for hiring internally or externally for the provided scenario.
    Talent is getting harder for organizations to attract and retain, and employee turnover is very costly. But there is much more lost than that. Today, teams collaborate and cooperate with each other to develop and complete projects, and support customers in business-to-business operations. Internal promotion programs are among the most important attributes of a powerful and recognizable retention effort. Upward mobility is essential to the hopes and expectations of many employees of the organization. Internal opportunities for promotion show a clear commitment by the organization to the development and retention of its employees. In this assessment, the SHRM behavioral competencies of Leadership and Organizational Navigation and the HRM content knowledge area Employee and Labor Relations will support your recommended course of action for an important hiring decision in a workplace scenario.
    You are a newly hired HR professional in a small private sector company that provides a broad spectrum of products for the cruise ship industry. The company repackages standard personal grooming products, perfumes, and lotions into smaller gift packages appropriate for customer appreciation gifts. There are 300 employees in the firm and the organization has a history of a stable workforce with very limited turnover. Recently, the company gained over 200 employees and there are a number of supervisory and managerial positions that need to be filled. The CEO has asked you to work with him to fill positions based on an organizational structure he has just created. It is rumored that the CEO has spoken discreetly to two internal candidates about the position and feels no need to take any action to announce the position internally. It should be noted that the employee manual specifies that all vacant positions be announced both internally and externally. New supervisors and managers are needed in sales (one), marketing (one), operations (two), and security (one). Each of these areas has seasoned employees eager to compete for jobs though some may not be as qualified as external candidates.
    Your Challenge
    You are now in a situation with a tough call to make. As the responsible HR professional, you must consider and decide which course of action will provide the greatest benefit for the company and its employees, and how to make a persuasive argument for your recommendation. Your options are to support the CEO’s guidance, or to take a hiring position that protects the organization’s legal posture and maintains an ethical work environment. 
    Prepare a 3–4-page plan that states your recommended course of action. Along with your recommendation, include the following: 

    • Analyze how your proposed HR solution to an HR challenge contributes to organizational goals and strategies.
      • Should you just follow the guidance of the CEO, or discuss the consequences of placing unqualified people in managerial roles?
      • What might be the implications to you and the organization, if you remain silent without any further discussion?
      • What is the potential opportunity cost of ignoring outstanding external candidates?
    • Describe key legal factors you considered in the formulation of a proposed HR solution.
    • Explain the role of the HR practitioner in advancing a proposed HR solution.
      • Explain briefly the role you will take to influence the eventual outcome. Consider aspects of leadership, negotiation, and consultation.
      • Include the pros and cons for promoting internally versus externally. Consider the implications to the organization and its operations when selecting from both of these populations.
    • Discuss the application of any SHRM behavioral competencies to the process of solving an HR challenge.
      • Which SHRM behavioral competencies are most directly applicable to a successful resolution of this challenge, and why?
    • Additional ​Requirements
      The deliverable for this assessment applies professional skills in HRM to workplace situations that you will likely encounter in your day-to-day work in HRM. As part of your learning, we focus on the development of effective professional communication skills for the workplace. Your assessment should meet the following additional requirements:
    • Length: Your plan should be 3–4 typed, double-spaced pages, plus the cover and resources pages.
      • The first page should be a cover sheet with your name, the course number, assessment title, and date. No other information is required on this page.
      • The last page should be the reference list.
    • Organization: Make sure that your assessment writing is well organized, using headings and subheadings to organize content for the reader.
    • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point. 
    • Resources: Use 2–4 references from trade publications.
    • Evidence: Support your assertions with data and/or in-text citations.
    • APA formatting: Resources and in-text citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
    • Written communication:
      • Support main points and recommendations with relevant and credible evidence.
      • Address the appropriate audience, using familiar, discipline-specific language and terminology.
      • Use spell-check and other tools to ensure correct spelling and grammar.
    • Note: Faculty may use the Writing Feedback Tool when grading this assessment. The Writing Feedback Tool is designed to provide you with guidance and resources to develop your writing based on five core skills. You will find writing feedback in the Scoring Guide for the assessment, once your work has been evaluated.
      Portfolio Prompt: You may choose to save this learning activity to your ePortfolio.
      Competencies Measured
      By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies:
    • Competency 1: Analyze the ways in which the human resource function contributes to individual and organizational performance.
      • Discuss the application of any SHRM behavioral competencies to the process of solving an HR challenge.
    • Competency 2: Analyze the impact of the legal environment of human resource management policies and practices.
      • Describe key legal factors considered in the formulation of a proposed HR solution.
    • Competency 3: Explain the strategic role of human resources in the support of organizational goals in a multicultural and global environment.
      • Analyze how a proposed HR solution to an HR challenge contributes to organizational goals and strategies.
    • Competency 5: Analyze the strategic and operational roles that a human resource practitioner plays within an organization.
      • Explain the role of the HR practitioner in advancing a proposed HR solution.
    • Competency 6: Communicate clearly, accurately, and professionally in the human resource management field.
      • Support main points and recommendations with relevant and credible evidence.
      • Address the appropriate audience, using familiar, discipline-specific language and terminology.

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