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Review Assignment

Review Assignment

pick a company  in the S&P 500 and answer the following four  questions. Please do not use Amazon

Each question should be a page and  a half long

 1. Lots of businesses today are leveraging  “data” to help make good decisions. But if the right kind of data is not  collected, these efforts could be in vain. First, research and describe  how your chosen company is using data for workforce management  purposes. Then, explain how you would handle it differently (if at all)  if you were in charge of Human Resources and Workforce Management for  the same company. What is one question related to workforce management  that you would want to study? And what data would you want to collect to  measure it? As examples, you might choose to look at employee  satisfaction, or production, or burnout, or turnover, or work-life  balance, etc.

2.  Some businesses try to be proactive with  change initiatives. Others, however, seem to be mainly reactionary. But  time marches on, and one of the biggest shifts in work forces today is  the impact of technology and automation. First, research and describe  how your chosen company is handling the impact of technology on their  workforce. Then, explain how you would handle it differently (if at all)  if you were in charge of Human Resources and Workforce Management for  the same company. What technology and/or automation risks and  opportunities would you project for your company? Do you anticipate a  shrinking, expanding, or static workforce over the next several years as  technology becomes more superfluous and capable? Explain your answers. 

3.  The COVID-19 pandemic tested the  resilience and ingenuity of all businesses around the world. But the  virus affected different industries in different ways, and each business  ultimately decided on their own response strategy. First, research and  describe how your chosen company handled the COVID-19 pandemic when it  was at its worst. Then, explain how you would have handled it  differently (if at all) if you were in charge of Human Resources and  Workforce Management for the same company. Suppose that a new variant  emerges which is more contagious and more serious than anything we’ve  seen previously. How would you respond? What would this mean for your  company? Could your workforce and operations survive it? 

4.  Advanced statistics offer tools that  allow us to explore cause and effect relationships in unique ways so as  to make smarter decisions. But different tools can tell us different  things about the data we look at. First, research and describe how your  chosen company is using statistics (if at all) for workforce management.  Then, explain how you would handle it differently (if at all) if you  were in charge of Human Resources and Workforce Management for the same  company. What is one phenomenon that you would want to run a linear  regression analysis for? What would your dependent variable be? What  would your independent variable(s) be? What would you expect (or  hypothesize) to be the result? How and why would the output be useful to  your company? 

 should also include a minimum of eight (8) sources (one for each of the questions)  

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