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Term 4 Week 7 Discussions

Term 4 Week 7 Discussions


Term 4 Week 7 Discussion

Week 7 Discussion Forum (MKT6920 Marketing Management)

Discuss how a company can successfully manage customer relations.

Please note that Wikipedia and Investopedia are not acceptable sources as they are considered non-academic.

Week 7 Discussion Forum (MGT5430 Organizational Behavior)

  1. Distinguish      between career paths, career ladders, and career lattices.
  2. Describe      force field analysis and its relationship to Lewin’s change model.

Unit 7 Discussion Board (ACC325 Forensic Accounting)

Joey Nariz is a narcotics trafficker who has made a career of smuggling cocaine into the United States. Over the years, he has bought most of his supply from Colombia but more recently had begun to obtain it in Peru. His base of operations in the United States is San Lauro, a small California town northwest of San Diego. He controls his southern operations through encrypted satellite phones and fax machines.  Working in a small town provides the perfect cover, but he enhances his secrecy by operating out of a large farm supply store that he had purchased when he first came to San Lauro. He deals with his distributors in other small towns in California, New Nevada, and Arizona. He prefers small towns because the people are trusting, and small towns never possess any serious antinarcotics capabilities.

Joey never personally transports or handles any drugs. He reserves those tasks for a network of undocumented Mexicans who can earn more working for him in a single day than they can earn back home in several years. Most of them are otherwise honest people willing to break the law so they can send money home to their families.

His largest problem is managing the cash. He has learned the hard way that he must handle the cash himself.  Despite having more than $90 million in cash stashed away in warehouses, he lives a very frugal life. He spends whenever he can, but he’s afraid to try to buy real estate or other large-ticket items with cash for fear of drawing attention to him.

He decides, however, to travel to Miami and purchase a large house and boat. He packs the trunk of his car with cash and heads east. Once in Miami, he uses his contacts with local distributors to find a real estate agent who would be willing to work for cash. He instructs the agent to find him a large waterfront house for which the seller would accept an all-cash deal. He ends up paying $14 million for an $8 million house, but he’s very happy with the property. The seller had no mortgage, so they were able to make the deal quietly in an attorney’s office. They told the attorney that they were relatives and that the payment had already been made “out of closing,” which meant the closing involved only some paperwork and no money.

Joey used the same method to purchase a $3 million yacht for which he paid $4 million. He then sold it for $2.5 million. The sale yielded a check net of commissions from the yacht broker. He deposited it into a bank account that he had opened with only $500 in cash and a check for $5,000 from his San Lauro bank account. When he opened the bank account, he told the bank representative that he was from San Lauro, California, and in the farm supply business. He even provided the bank a letter of introduction from his San Lauro bank.

  1. Is Joey’s money-laundering scheme      likely to work?
  2. Is the bank likely to report the      deposit of the payment for the yacht by filing a currency transaction      report or a suspicious activity report?
  3. Is law enforcement likely to      discover his purchase of the house or boat for cash?
  4. How would a forensic accountant      go about investigating Joey for drug trafficking and money laundering if      given subpoena power? Would the investigation discover the under-the-table      house and yacht purchases?

Unit 7 DB: Disaster Recovery Plan (ACC430 Accounting Information Systems)

Per Chapter 14 Problem 7 (listed below) Describe the internal control weaknesses present at Hexagon.  List the components that should be in a disaster recovery plan at Hexagon.  What factors, other than those included in the plan itself, should a company consider when formulating a disaster recovery plan?


Hexagon is an online retailer of exotic foods including spices from around the world, canned sauces, and prepackaged breads such as tortillas and naan. The company does 100 percent of its business over the Internet to consumers and through private networks with retail trading partners. Recently, Hexagon moved its sales and business headquarters functions into a warehouse on the outskirts of San Francisco. Prior to the move, the company engaged the services of an architect to redesign the facility to be modern yet in keeping with the original character of the building. While remodeling the warehouse, the architects retained the wooden-shingled exterior and the exposed wooden beams throughout the interior. The data processing center, which contained the servers and networked terminals, was situated in a large open area with high ceilings and skylights. The center was made accessible to the rest of the staff to be consistent with the firm’s philosophy of removing barriers and encouraging a team approach to problem solving. Before occupying the new facility, city inspectors declared the building to be compliant with all relevant building codes.

In a recent compliance audit, Hexagon’s auditors advised the company’s management to develop a disaster recovery plan. Toward this end, the company entered into a mutual aid agreement with several other firms in the area that had similar technology systems. These firms all agreed verbally to provide emergency assistance to each other in the event of disasters or emergencies. In addition, Hexagon implemented a data backup system in which all files are copied daily to tapes and disks and each week the backup storage devices are taken to an offsite facility where they are secured. 

The operator’s manual with instructions on how to restore the system is stored in the main data processing area along with a list of names and phone numbers of key IT professionals to contact in case of an emergency.


a. Describe the internal control weaknesses present at Hexagon.

b. List the components that should be included in a disaster recovery plan for a company like Hexagon.

c. What factors, other than those included in the plan itself, should a company consider when formulating a disaster recovery plan?

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